Columbus Boys’ Camp


Project: Washroom/Shower House
Build Dates: May 3-6, 2001
Theme: “Christopher Columbus’ Inaugural Voyage”

Description & Challenges:
Six short months in 2001 marked the founding of Volunteer Builders, as well as the planning of our first project.

Incorporating as a not-for-profit organization included establishing our name, logo, Letters of Incorporation, insurance, a database, plus creating what a build experience would be like for all participants — meal plans, entertainment, invitations, promotional materials, t-shirts, etc. Though it’s not that long ago, most of our correspondence was done by post, rather than E-Mail, and we had no real committee structure as we do now. Many of us wore numerous hats. Our organizational structure was designed after the build was completed to help us prepare for 2002.

The building consisted of two distinct sections under one roof, allowing for separate washrooms, should the camp ever require this. Our work began with the slab and plumbing rough-in’s already in place. Despite starting in the first week of May, it was surprisingly hot (high 80’s) — an added challenge for the numerous volunteers who spent all of Saturday shingling the enormous roof.

Volunteer Builders’ first year was a great success and provided a solid foundation for future builds.


Build Directors: Buffy Knowlton, Jon Sprawson
Camp Director: Sam Ferrando
Administration: Shelley Macdonald
Finance: Dave l’Heureux
Construction: Chris Knight, Ray Nyhuis, Paul Sandiford
Special Thanks to: Ian Macdonald, Tina McGill & Leanne Sandiford
Fundraising and Promotion: Louise Sheedy
Volunteer Services: All