Ontario Camp of the Deaf

(Parry Sound)

Waterfront Pavilion
Projects: Waterfront Pavilion and Courtyard Camper Cabins Build
Dates: May 24-27, 2007
Theme: “The Wild West” Photos

Description & Challenges: In 2007, we brought out the bug repellent and sun screen for the first two days as we began construction of a waterfront pavilion and six camper cabins. Unfortunately, the skies opened on our last day, so OCD finished shingling the pavilion later that spring. This was our largest group yet — 130 volunteers, 50% of whom were either new or had just one build under their toolbelts.

Executive Committees

Build Director: Chris Knight Camp Director: Derek Rumball
Administration: Buffy Knowlton, Michelle Perrow – John McGillivray
Finance: Ian Macdonald
Construction: Mike MacKay, Sandy Nattress – Jamie Bosomworth
Design: Jon Sprawson
Fundraising: Karen Banham – Bill Banham, Greg Johnston, Cathy Naisbett
Promotion: Marianne Thrasher
Volunteer Services: Lucy Coschignano – Trish Doyle, Sue Dunn, Sheila Wong
VB Board Rep: Dan Niddery
Past Director: Mike MacKay