Camp Couchiching

(Lake Couchiching, Orillia)


Projects: Chapel/Theatre, Low Ropes Course, Building Upgrades, Floating Docks & Landscaping
Build Dates: May 27 – 31, 2009
Theme: “Because we’re MADE IN CANADA, the show must go on!”

Description & Challenges:
Where do we even begin? To say that 2009 was a year of firsts is a huge understatement! Having to switch venues just three weeks before the Build, our direction turned from a single building to a plethora of projects. Volunteers re-registered, materials were re-written, deliveries were re-routed. We broke records in participation, fundraising, and Saturday night site closing time. Every season visited us with rain and snow, sun and wind, culminating in a magnificent thunderstorm breaking just after our group picture was taken. But through it all, one thing stayed consistent – everyone was there to offer what they could, when they could, in the unique ways that they could. So where to begin? Same place we always do .. at the beginning .. only twice this time!

Executive Committees

Build Director: Buffy Knowlton
Camp Director: Andrew Martin
Administration: Michelle Owens-Perrow
Finance: Ian MacDonald – Buffy Knowlton
Construction: Scott Campbell, Jeff Mander – Karen Banham
Design: Jon Sprawson
Public Relations: Scott Hartman, Bill Banham, Craig Silva
Past Director: Lucy Coschignano
Fundraising: Ian Macdonald – Anne Kane, Alex Macdonald, Shelley Macdonald, Helen McGillivray, Michelle Owens-Perrow
Volunteer Services: Lucy Coschignano – Adam Bell, Sue Dunn, Heather Hill, Ross Howey, Helen Scott, Beth Swift, Margaret Vesey, Sheila Wong
Special Thanks To: Our behind-the-scenes supporters who got us ready, our onsite crew leaders who got us organized, and our volunteers who got us to done!