Camp Winston

(Kilworthy – near Gravenhurst)

Camp Winston DD-350hWellnessCentre2-350
Wellness Centre / Office

Projects: Wellness Centre/Office, Playground Refurbishment, Solar Panels, Shingling, Boathouse Steps, Porches & Trim Repair, Gardening Build Dates: June 2 – 6, 2010
Theme: “Tinseltown”

Description & Challenges:
Go big or go home! Big attendance, big project, big puddles! 2010 marked our 10th anniversary build, and we celebrated in a very big way. The Wellness Centre/Office was one of our largest projects to-date, and despite torrential downpours for a good portion of the weekend, preventing us from roofing on Sunday morning, it couldn’t dampen our spirits. We went on to refurbish, reshingle and rebuild throughout the entire camp. Tents, trailers, and trucks covered the site. Not even on a Tinseltown movie lot could you find so much activity, drama, music or humour … thunder clappers and 20’s flappers, cheese wagons, ho, singin’ in the rain. The casting call was huge, and we all played our parts. Big thanks and congratulations to every Volunteer Builder. Should the Academy ever recognize construction, the Oscar will surely be ours!

Executive Committees

Build Directors: Bill Banham, Chris Knight
Camp Director: Denise Fruchter
Past Director: Buffy Knowlton
Design: Jon Sprawson
Construction: Scott Campbell – Paul Harvey, Scott Vesey
Green Factor: Bowie Martins
Administration: Tracy Gattie – Cathie Green, Christine Smith
Finance: Alicia Ursini
Public Relations: Scott Hartman – Craig Silva
Volunteer Services: Lynda Quinn – Karen Anderson, Sue Dunn
Fundraising: Pamela Towler – Rick Hunt, Andrew Martin, Christina Towler
Food Services: Heather Hill – Helen Scott, Matt Swiech, Beth Swift, Sheila Wong
Marketing: Bill Banham
Entertainment: Michelle Ursini – Bill Banham, Michelle Bradford, Alex Macdonald, Andrew Martin

Special Thanks To: Our behind-the-scenes supporters who got us ready, our onsite crew leaders who got us organized, and our volunteers who got us to done!