Scarborough Outdoor Education School/Camp Kearny


Projects: 3 Camper Cabins, Bunks Beds & Benches
Build Dates: June 1 – 5, 2011
Theme: “Varsity”

Description & Challenges:
It’s probably no overstatement to say that this was the year of “more of more”. Picture the steepest grade on which we’ve ever built, the wildest thunderstorm we’ve ever encountered, the largest number of windows we’ve ever lifted, the smallest crawlspace we’ve ever worked with to install insulation, and the most blackflies we’ve ever had register. Does it get any better? Actually, yes. Our master chefs took us from Kearney to Greece, the wonderful evening entertainment kept us dancing and singing while we scratched, and our keen student volunteers from Silverthorn Collegiate and SOES staff established a work pace that set a new standard in enthusiasm! Sure, bugs may’ve bitten and the deluge may’ve downpoured, but collectively, we were quite a force of nature ourselves!

Executive Committees

Build Directors: Scott Campbell, Bowie Martins
Camp Director: Len Elphick
Administration: Sue Dunn, Tracy Gattie
Finance: Deborah Nazareth
Design: Jon Sprawson – Meredith Innes, Ben Sprawson
Construction: Mike Swanson
Food Services: Heather Hill – Pitsa Davey
Volunteer Services: Pamela Towler – Biz Ahrens, Karen Anderson
Fundraising: Chris Knight – Coleen Curtis, Susan Woods
Transition Co-ordinator: Buffy Knowlton
Past Director: Chris Knight
PR/Marketing: Scott Hartman, Craig Silva

Top honours are awarded this year to our dedicated volunteers and behind-the-scenes supporters who made our plans such a successful reality!