Camp Mini-Yo-We

(Port Sydney, Muskoka)


Meeting Hall, Welcome Pavilion, Cabin Upgrades & Planter Boxes

Build Dates:
May 30 – June 3, 2012

“Twelfth Knight”

Description & Challenges:

In the face of adversity, it’s always better to keep a positive outlook. In reflecting on 2012, the good news was we didn’t have bugs. The less-then-good news was we were deluged with rain most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday! However, the best news was that none of these storms damaged our spirits. With the help of student volunteers from Huntsville High School and our corporate volunteers from Fairmount Raffles Hotels International, along with tremendous support from camp staff, we made really significant progress. Despite the weather’s best efforts to taunt us, our volunteers really worked full-out, especially on Saturday when we worked tirelessly to counterbalance the weather-induced delays. Evening celebrations with the band playing well into the wee hours provided a jubilant culmination to an incredible build of tall walls and tall orders. So did the rain deter us? Not-at-tall!

Executive Committees

Build Directors: Scott Hartman, Craig Silva
Camp Director: Michael Ankenmann
Administration: Sue Dunn, Tracy Wilson – Christine Smith
Finance: Deborah Nazareth
Design: Jon Sprawson – Meredith Innes
Construction: Scott Campbell, Mike Swanson
Food Services: Pitsa Davey, Heather Hill
Volunteer Services: Karen Anderson – Julie Dudgeon, Alana Fettes, Laura Sharp
Fundraising: Pamela Towler, Michelle Ursini – Meaghen Russell
Transition Co-ordinator: Buffy Knowlton
Past Directors: Scott Campbell, Bowie Martins PR/Marketing: Nicole Bertrand

If you are interested in helping with any of our 2013 Executive Committees, please contact: admin@volunteerbuilders.org.