Ryde Lake Camp


3 Cabins, 2 Pavilions, Bridge, Bunk Beds,
Cladding, Solar Panels & Portable Shower

Build Dates:
May 29 – June 2, 2013

“Just Pink About It!”


Challenges: There once was a camp named Ryde Lake, a project we did undertake. Pavilions and cabins, bridge, bunk-beds and claddin’ .. a difference we surely did make. Though nature deided to test us, with mud, heat, and blackout-style ruckus…our spirit it shone, generators turned on, and up went floor, wall, roof and trusses. So as we reflect back and think, ’bout the pig roast, and dancing, and drink .. the campers we’ve helped, the camaraderie felt .. and that leaves us quite in the pink! (Please look at page 2 to see what we built.)

Executive Committees

Build Directors: Pamela Towler, Tracy Wilson Camp Director: Fran Sugawara
Administration: Sue Dunn, Buffy Knowlton Finance: Deborah Nazareth
Design: Jon Sprawson Construction: Dave Lawrance, Ron Rehfeld
Food Services: Debra Fogelman, Chris Knight, Bowie Martins Volunteer Services: Karen Anderson, Laura Sharp
Fundraising: Meaghen Russell, Len Elphick, Ejay Russell, Devon Thorne PR/Marketing: Scott Hartman, Craig Silva
Past Co-Director: Scott Hartman Transition Co-ordinator: Buffy Knowlton

Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers and behind-the-scenes supporters who helped us ensure that everything came up roses!