Volunteer Builders

About Us

Volunteer Builders was incorporated on January 11, 2001 as a non-for-profit organization. Our central purpose is to design and build at least one structure each year for a worthy community-oriented recipient. We build our projects using volunteer staff and donations of design and working drawings, materials, equipment and project coordination, food and funds.

In just one weekend, our goal is to provide a closed-in shell that includes siding, roofing, windows and doors. At times, we have also provided electricity, decking and some interior work, such as staircases and bunk beds. Currently, our build choices focus on children’s summer camps. Many have existed since the early 1900’s and are in dire need of updating. More importantly, however, Volunteer Builders shares the belief that every child should have the opportunity to experience personal development in a fun, safe, and healthy environment.

Each year, Volunteer Builders strives to build on our own organization’s foundation so others in the community can participate in and benefit from the service, experience and projects we provide.

Founding Members

Chris Knight, Buffy Knowlton, Dave l’Heureux, Shelley Macdonald, Ray Nyhuis, Paul Sandiford, Louise Sheedy, and Jonathan Sprawson
With Special Assistance From Ian Macdonald and Leanne Sandiford

Past Directors

Karen Anderson, Caroline Baird, Bill Banham, Jenna Bull, Lucy Coschignano, Scott Hartman, Chris Knight, Buffy Knowlton, Peter Loukes, Ian Macdonald, Shelley Macdonald, Mike MacKay, Jeff Mander, John McGillivray, Heather Miner, Dan Niddery, Michelle Owens-Perrow, Paul Sandiford, Craig Silva, Andrew Sprawson, Pam Towler, Nick Veenema, Greg Webster, and Tracy Wilson.

Each year, the current Build Director sits on the Board of Directors and serves as a liaison between the Board and the Executive. As well, the outgoing Build Director may serve an additional one-year term.

Volunteer Builders Board of Directors

Chair | Jenna Bull
Jenna has been involved with VB since 2014, serving as Build Director for 2 of those years, as well as being on the board in various roles.
Past Chair | Scott Hartman
Scott has served as the Chair, and a Build Director, and held many other roles throughout the past 5+ years with VB
Administration | Nick Veenema
Nick has served a Build Director, and as the Build Selection Director, as well as a Construction Lead during the build.
Strategy | Jamie Bosomworth
Jamie uses his experience working for the City of Markham to assist VB with long term strategic planning, and maintaining guidelines, policies, and proceures
Finance | David Millar
Relatively new to VB, David brings his financial expertise to help balance the books
Build Selection | Katherine Hough
Kat has been involved the past few years to help VB locate new camps to build for.
Fundraising | Claire Bissett
Claire is responsible to for setting VB’s long term direction for fundraising, and consults with the other members of the board to establish fundraising goals and objectives for the Build year
Member at Large | Patti Mara
Patti has been involved for many years, working on the Board to ensure continuity year after year
Member at Large | Jon Sprawson
One of the founding members, Jon has been involved in every VB, designing and building almost everything VB has done.